The upgraded eRapid system ("eRapid System") has been moved to a new URL at

Kindly be reminded to use the new password stated in the Password Letter that you have received from Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd when you login to eRapid System for the first time.
Also be reminded to read the instruction stated in the Password Letter carefully before assessing the eRapid System.

Refer to the following communication that is relevant to you for more details:-
-> ADA, ADA branches, ADM & SR/IH - Bursa Depository's circular dated 11 December 2012
-> TG, NT, BT & BE - Bursa's e-mail dated 14 December 2012
-> ITC - email from customer service dated 13 December 2012
If you have forgotten your eRapid password, please contact eRapid's System Administrator at Tel 603-20347784 & 603-20347771, Fax no. 603-20263712.